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S​ere​​nit​y En​d ​of Life Do​ula​ LLC

"Serenity and Compassion at the End of life"

At Your Service

The journey will never be easy, but Serenity is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Providing Only the Best Care for Your Loved Ones

Your loved one’s comfort and well-being are Serenity's top priorities. At Serenity End of Life Doula, we provide personal services to the elderly, and adults with chronic diseases and terminal illnesses.

In our care, rely on us to create a custom care guide that is tailored to your loved one’s needs. We also work hard to provide emotional and spiritual support to your family during these challenging times.

Contact Serenity today! 

Services Offered :

Serenity Package

Compassionate Care Package


Community Presentations and Workshops

 Services provided on phone, in person, or virtually

More services coming soon!

*Fees are not covered by insurance and are based on a sliding scale with the exception of Community Presentations and Workshops*